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Cascadians for a Sustainable Future

We support climate science activism to protect the Pacific Northwest, enhance sustainability, grow healthy communities, and ensure environmental justice. Our focus is on providing positive steps that individuals and community groups can take to achieve 100% renewable clean energy, clean air and water, conservation of our natural resources, and a sustainable future.

The climate crisis is here, now. We are living in a climate emergency. Evidence includes wildfire frequency and intensity, and extreme weather events. However, we believe that by working together urgently to make immediate positive changes we can combat worsening climate-caused disasters and suffering. Cascadia CAN (and must) lead the way.

Cascadia Climate Action Now grew from a small group of passionate neighbours who, with the help of Columbia Riverkeeper, Earth Justice, allied organizations, and activists throughout the region, recently prevented the world's largest fracked fossil-gas-to-methanol refinery and export terminal from being built in the small town of Kalama along the Columbia River in southwest Washington state. Our NoMethanol360 team stopped at least 184 million metric tons of CO2e from entering the atmosphere.

While this website is just getting up and running (July 2021), our goal will be to provide resources for other community groups to be able to accomplish the same amazing success. We in Cascadia CAN (and do!) defeat multinational big oil & gas corporations, such as NWIW in Kalama who were backed by a foreign government, by being persistent and standing strong together with facts, truth, and science.

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List of resources, reports, and studies useful for climate science activists and researchers primarily focused on GHG emissions, fracked-gas, and methane leaks.

Four productive no methanol activists, summer 2017.


List of regional organizations that provide support and resources to climate activists and community groups.

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Being a climate activist is not all doom and gloom! Here lie resources for hope & resiliance.

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The basic mathematics helpful to community climate scientists and researchers explained in a user-friendly manner.