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This page contains information specifically for Kalama residents in Cowlitz County, Washington (our webmaster's hometown) including local election details.

Photo of sign-wavers downtown Kalama.


List of Cowlitz County current elected officials and their terms. (v. 2021-5-10)

Candidates for Kalama Mayor who won primary and now compete in general election are Mike Reuter (incumbent) and Michael Truesdell. WE STRONGLY ENDORSE MAYOR MIKE REUTER for a 2nd term! And so does Longview's The Daily News.

In the 2022 WA-03 race, dems filed so far (per Ballotpedia) include Brent Hennrich and Lucy Lauser.

2021 WA Election Dates

Primary Election: Tuesday August 3
Online Voters Guide, Cowlitz County, 2021 Primary [Results]

General Election: Tuesday November 2 [Results!]
General election ballots mailed out: October 15
Deadline to register online to vote: Oct. 25
Deadline to register to vote or update your
registration (in-person only): Nov. 2
Ballot return stats shows % of ballots returned and other data.

Election Related Websites

WA Cowlitz County Elections
Official page from the WA Secretary of State specifically for Cowlitz County.

WA Sec. of State - Elections
Official page of the WA Secretary of State
Includes election results organized by county.

WA Campaign Explorer
Official PDC campaign financial reports filed with WA Secretary of State.

NCSL's Policies for Election Observers
Interactive map providing state-by-state polices for observing ballot verification and count.

NCSL's Policies for Election Recounts
State-by-state policies for ballot recounts.

OpenSecrets.org | WA03
Financing info on candidates running for major offices.

Progressive Voters Guide

VoteSmart.org | WA
Statistics on current state legislators.

Voting TIPS

Vote WA logo.

VoteWA is a portal where you login to:

  • verify your voter registration
  • view a personalized voter pamphlet
  • find a ballot box near you
  • check the status of your returned ballot (*)
  • review your voting history

Vote early, return your ballot properly, and verify its status.

* The status of your returned ballot will be "received", "accepted", or "challenged" per Ballot Status Codes.

Precinct Maps

Full Precinct Maps for Cowlitz County (2020)

Abridged Version of Precinct Maps for Cowlitz County (2019)
Version I made with just those pages involving Kalama. Find the map showing the address at which you are registered to vote. That identifies your precinct. If you know your precinct already you may prefer to use the Cowlitz Levy Codes 2020.

How to read the codes in the precinct map/list: As an example, in my 2019 abridged version of the maps, look at page 5 which is precinct Kalama South. Let's say you live on Birch St. in Kalama South 1. The listing for Kalama South 14.01 states:

Congressional 3 -- WA03 currently held by Jaime Herrera-Beutler (R), our House Rep in DC.
Legislative 20 - LD20, our legislative representatives in Olympia: John Braun (R-Sen), Ed Orcutt (R-Rep), Peter Abbarno (R-Rep).
County Commissioner 1 - see below (*)
Fire, Cemetery, School, and PUD are all obvious.
City Kalama - Means you do live in the city limits and can vote for City Council and Mayor, if not you can't.
Port KM1 - Means you live in Kalama Port district 1, so if you were to run for Port Commissioner you could only run for district 1 position, but you can still vote for all of the three Port Commissioners.

* Note on Cowlitz County Commissioners: From the BOCC website, "The three County Commissioners are elected to four-year terms. The county is divided into three districts on the basis of population (Cowlitz Commissioner Districts Map). At the time of election, each commissioner must live in and represent his/her district. The commissioners are partisan and are nominated in a primary election encompassing only their district. In the general election, all county voters are given an opportunity to select the commissioners who ultimately serve."