VOTE! Pro-Environment Candidates. We endorse in 2020:

Jay Inslee for WA Governor, our climate champ who publicly
opposes massive fossil gas projects Kalama methanol refinery and Tacoma LNG
as has his party, the Washington State Democrats (in 2017 and 2019).

In the WA 20th Leg District, we support Will Rollet running against longtime incumbant Ed Orcutt in Position 2.
In Position 1, we wholeheartedly ENDORSE Timothy Zahn to replace retiring Richard DeBolt, NWIW executive.
Regarding the Kalama Fossil-Gas-to-Methanol Refinery in Kalama Mr. Zahn writes,
"I am opposed to the project, I believe that this sort of industry takes Washington down the wrong path.
We need to attract new, sustainable, businesses, not the dregs of a dying industry."
Yup, we agree :)

In WA-03 race, unfortunately we cannot endorse Carolyn Long until she reverses
her position on fossil gas. Long's May 2019 statement on the methanol refinery.

In Oregon we endorse two candidates for Columbia County Commissioner: Brandee Dudzic, Pos. 1,
has well-thought-out stance on Port Westward (site of proposed 2nd methanol refinery on Columbia),
and incumbent Alex Tardif, Pos. 3, who voted to not rezone farmland as industrial, scrambling NWIW's plans. [OR 2020 Primary results]

WA Important Election Dates

Cowlitz County WA 2020 Primary Results

General Election: Tuesday November 3 VOTE!!!

General election ballots mailed out: October 16

Deadline to register online to vote: Oct. 26

Deadline to register to vote or update your
registration (in-person only): Nov. 3

Online Voters Guide, Cowlitz County, 2020 General Election

Voting TIPS

Vote early, return your ballot quickly, and verify its status.


This link also provides list of ballot boxes near you,
status of your returned ballot, your personal voting history, more!

Precinct Maps

Full Precinct Maps for Cowlitz County (2020)

Abridged Version of Precinct Maps for Cowlitz County (2019)
Version I made with just those pages involving Kalama. Find the map showing the address at which you are registered to vote. That identifies your precinct. If you know your precinct already you may prefer to use the Cowlitz Levy Codes 2020.

How to read the codes in the precinct map/list: As an example, in my abridged version of the maps, page 5 is precinct Kalama South. Let's say you live on Birch St. in Kalama South 1. The listing for Kalama South 14.01 states:

Congressional 3 -- WA03 currently held by Jaime Herrera-Beutler (R), our House Rep in DC.
Legislative 20 - LD20, our legislative representatives in Olympia: John Braun (R), Ed Orcutt (R), Richard DeBoldt (R).
County Commissioner 1 - see below (*)
Fire, Cemetery, School, and PUD are all obvious.
City Kalama - Means you do live in the city limits and can vote for City Council; if not you can't.
Port KM1 - Means you live in Kalama Port district 1 so if you were to run for Port Commissioner you could only run for district 1 position, but you can still vote for any of the three Port Commissioner candidates as their terms come up.

* Note on Cowlitz County Commissioners: From the BOCC website, "The three County Commissioners are elected to four-year terms. The county is divided into three districts on the basis of population (Cowlitz Commissioner Districts Map). At the time of election, each commissioner must live in and represent his/her district. The commissioners are partisan and are nominated in a primary election encompassing only their district. In the general election, all county voters are given an opportunity to select the commissioners who ultimately serve." 

Election Related Websites

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Official page from the WA Secretary of State specifically for Cowlitz County

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Official page of the WA Secretary of State

Campaign Explorer
Official PDC campaign financial reports filed with WA Secretary of State

OpenSecrets.org | WA03
Financing info on candidates running for major offices

Progressive Voters Guide

VoteSmart.org | WA
Statistics on current state legislators

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